Vance Brand tells tales of space exploration at museum

You never know where a passion for flight will take you. For this Coloradan, it led to multiple space flights and a very long, distinguished career.

We love stories like Vince Brand’s and as a Denver flight school, we especially enjoy watching the careers of the numerous pilots we’ve trained and the various people who cross our paths. Continue living your dreams and sharing your stories. Brand tells tales of space exploration at museum – Longmont Times-Call The first hint of looming cosmic journeys and eventual space exploration came to Vance Brand when he was a lifeguard and gatekeeper at the Boulder Reservoir.

In the late 1950s, the prospect of humans sending a functioning satellite into space was the stuff of science fiction and fantasy for Brand, who’d grown up in the largely rural, farm-based community of Longmont. Less than 20 years later, however, in 1975, the Longmont High School graduate would journey into space as a command module pilot on the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission. That would be the first of four space flights for Brand, who logged nearly 45 hours in spacecraft over the course of his impressive career.

For Brand, the adventures that included journeys to the cosmos had simple roots. During his early days as a Marine Corps recruit in North Carolina, he couldn’t stop himself from gazing at the jets that took off every morning. The roar of the engines and the sight of the crafts in flight proved irresistible to Brand, who quickly saw flight as a professional and personal goal.

“It was an emotional decision,” Brand said. “I thought that was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen, seeing the jets take off at Cherry Point. I immediately applied for naval flight training program.” Read more at

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