Meet the contributors to Sporty’s Takeoff app

As pilot instructors, we at Independence Aviation love to find new ways to help pilots to connect with their love of flying. If you are passionate about flying check out this app!

Meet the contributors to Sporty’s Takeoff APP

Takeoff has a simple goal: to make you a better pilot. Every day we publish two new posts (videos, articles, quizzes, and podcasts) from some of aviation’s best pilots and flight instructors. Whether you’re a new student pilot or a 5,000-hour aircraft owner, there’s something to learn from the app. You simply won’t find this unique variety of perspectives anywhere else. Wondering who you’ll see in Takeoff? Here’s the team.

Mac McClellan When people ask Mac McClellan what he does for a living he replies, “I fly airplanes and write about them. And I’m one of the most fortunate people in the world to have been able to make a career of doing what I love.” Mac has been a pilot for more than 45 years, an aviation writer for more than 40 and has been lucky enough to get to fly just about every type of personal and business airplane in production from the 1970s onward. He was on the Flying magazine staff for 35 years and editor-in-chief for 20 of those years.

He has private pilot privileges in single-engine airplanes, plus commercial pilot privileges in helicopters and an ATP in airplanes with more than one engine. He holds several business jet type ratings and has logged more than 10,000 hours. His first airplane was a Cessna 140 and for the past 27 years he has owned a Baron 58, flying it more than 5,000 hours to cover the aviation industry. And now he is a part-time corporate pilot flying a King Air 350.

Mac shares his unique perspective with Takeoff subscribers in a regular series of articles, based on his decades of experience flying the system. Whether it’s practical tips on cross-country flying, details of IFR procedures, or a current industry debate, you can count on Mac for an honest approach.

Amy Laboda Amy has been flying airplanes since she was 15 years old, and is a flight instructor and ATP. She’s taught flight students from East Coast to West, and currently serves as a National FAA FAAST Team member, providing Aviation Safety Seminars for FAA certified pilots in the U.S. and abroad. She was the Editor in Chief of Aviation for Women magazine for nearly 13 years before returning to her freelance writing and multimedia career.

Amy writes articles on general proficiency topics as well as on the pain and pleasure of aircraft ownership – something Amy knows about first-hand. Throughout her articles, you’ll find an infectious enthusiasm for aviation and a focus on proven techniques for safer flying.

Matt Guthmiller A 22-year old student at MIT, Matt is a world record-setting pilot, entrepreneur, and speaker. Since his first solo at 16, he has earned a commercial pilot certificate with numerous ratings and logged more than 1,300 hours in dozens of aircraft. At age 19 he became the youngest pilot to solo circumnavigate the globe by air, flying a 1981 A36 Bonanza 30,000 miles, and has flown in some of the most extreme situations a pilot can find. Most days he can be found flying around the country for business or pleasure, practicing aerobatics, and occasionally doing his homework.

As a talented video producer, Matt shares the adventure of flying with his ongoing video blog, which you can follow in the Takeoff app. Matt also contributes video tips on flying technique, exclusively for Takeoff Pro subscribers, which cover some of the skills pilots usually learn after the checkride. To read the full story, and to see other contributors click here…