Cirrus Transition Training

Fly in your plane or ours!

Whether you are transitioning to a Cirrus from a different type of aircraft completely, or from one Cirrus to a slightly different one, we have courses designed to fit your particular needs. At the end of any course, you will be able to utilize your aircraft to the maximum extent possible while affording you and your passengers the highest level of safety.

Transition Training

  • With the first time Cirrus pilot in mind, the Transition Training course is designed for an individual to go from no Cirrus experience to basic VFR proficiency.
  • approx. 3 days

Advanced Transition Training

  • For the first time Cirrus pilot who is Instrument Rated and looking for a slightly more advanced course.
  • approx. 5 days

Avionics Differences 

  • For pilots transitioning only to a different avionics package.
  • approx. 1 day

Powerplant and Airframe Differences 

  • For pilots who are upgrading (or downgrading) to a different SR-series aircraft.
  • approx. 1 day

Recurrent Training

  • These courses are built around the pilot who wants to stay capable and competent in a Cirrus.
  • 90 day skill Refresher – approx. ½ day
  • 6 month Recurrent Check – approx. 1 day

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