FAA BasicMed Checklist

FAA’s BasicMed Regulations Start May 1, 2017

Starting May 1st, the FAA has created a BasicMed rule written into the new Part 68 of the FARs. While every pilot is still required to obtain an FAA medical certificate at least once (including student pilots), a pilot may choose to continue to operate under the BasicMed rule even after that medical certificate has expired.

In order to operate under BasicMed, a list of requirements MUST be met:

  • Possess a valid US driver’s license. Any restrictions on a driver’s license also apply.
  • Must have held a most recent (unrevoked, unsuspended, unwithdrawn, un-denied) medical certificate that expired July 15, 2006 or after.
  • Complete a BasicMed medical course every 24 calendar months.
  • Complete a comprehensive medical exam and checklist signed by a licensed physician (NOT their assistant) every 48 months.
  • Be under the care of a physician for certain medical conditions.
  • Found eligible for special issuance of a medical certificate for certain specified mental health, neurological, or cardiovascular conditions (if applicable).
  • Consent to a National Driver Register check (given during BasicMed education course).
  • Carry no more than five other passengers with you.
  • May operate VFR or IFR, but may not fly internationally unless authorized by the country in which you will be flying.
  • Operate at less than 18,000 feet MSL and MUST NOT exceed 250 knots.
  • Cannot fly for compensation or hire unless as a CFI.
  • Airplane cannot exceed a certificated takeoff weight of 6000 pounds or be authorized for more than 6 occupants.

Medical course certificate and physician checklist documents are required to be kept in a pilots logbook, but may alternately be kept as a digital representation easily accessible on demand by an FAA inspector.

Celebrating Women in Aviation

Independence Aviation’s celebration of Women’s History Month continues with this story about the new film showcasing the accomplishments of women in the aviation industry.

As the premier pilot school in Colorado, we support the encouragement of girls and women to enter STEM careers and realize their potential. To start your training, call Independence Aviation today.

Indie Atlantic film produced in Lakeland highlights women in aviation – News – News Chief – Winter Haven, FL “In modern society, we still have that ingrained — that girls don’t go into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math fields) because they don’t do those things,” said Wiatt, who’s making her directorial debut with the feature-length film “Fly Like a Girl” to dispel that myth.

Women like Mae Jemison, the first black female astronaut to fly into space in 1992; Patty Wagstaff, an aerobatic pilot; and Olivia Lisbon, a recent graduate of Polk State College; and so many more are examples of what women can accomplish. “We need to tell their story: What women were doing in history and what women are doing today,” Wiatt said. “We have to show girls there are people out there doing great things.”

Wiatt said she wants to show a variety of women in various fields, such as women in the military, drone pilots, helicopter pilots and more. “Some people are very interested in supporting this, and those who have higher-level achievements, like the first Thunderbird pilot. But there are also engineers who are part of major corporations, NASA, scientists, sociologists. We want to tell all aspects of this story.”

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2017 Outstanding Aviator Award

Major Heather Penney given 2017 Outstanding Aviator Award

Major Heather Penney will be awarded the 2017 annual Outstanding Aviator Award! The award will be presented by the Wings Club Foundation at their annual meeting, and International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA) during a presentation that will take place on March 29, 2017 at The Yale Club in New York City.

As soon as Congress opened combat aviation to women, Penney applied to the Air National Guard to fly F-16’s, and was the first woman in the 121st Fighter Squadron.

Penney is being recognized for her service to our country when on September 11, 2001,  she was one of two pilots asked to take action and protect the airspace over Washington D.C that morning. Her mission was to take down the hijacked airliner United Flight 93 by any means necessary. However, because of the urgency of the situation, there hadn’t been enough time to actually arm her F-16. It was obvious she had been sent on a suicide mission.

When asked about being ready and willing to fly a kamikaze mission, she stated, “Because there are things in this world that are more important than ourselves.”

Today, Penney works for Lockheed Martin as the Director of Air Force Aviation Training Systems, specializing in capture management, government relations and strategic business development. She has worked with the F-16 and F-22, and is currently working on the F-35 project.

Since it’s commencement in 2010, the annual Outstanding Aviator Award has been presented to exemplary recipients such as the Tuskegee Airmen, the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), the Doolittle Raiders, Patty Wagstaff, and Bob Hoover.

Independence Aviation would like to say Congratulations!

Flying the new Cirrus SR22 G6

Flying the new Cirrus SR22 G6

This a great story about the first experience flying the new Cirrus SR22 G6. The new Perspective+ Avionics and cockpit improvements are all explained through Stephen Pope’s perspective.

As a Platinum Cirrus Training Center, we look forward to learning more about this new model and getting some flights recorded.

http://www.flyingmag.com/we-fly-cirrus-sr22-g6We Fly: Cirrus SR22 G6 | Flying Magazine

My introduction to the G6 SR22 included a half-dozen flights over the span of three days in mid-December. By now the secret is out and the G6 is the talk of the Cirrus-owner community — but at that time flying the new model required stealth since it was among the most closely guarded secrets in all of general aviation.

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Mountain Flying Course

Flying in the Mountains

If you’ve never flown in the mountains, you don’t know what you’re missing. Our instructors fly in the mountains all the time and we’d love to share the experience with you.

Visit us and we’ll talk about mountain weather, density altitude, A/C loading, route selection, survival gear to carry, planning, communications, and we’ll get you to as many airports as your schedule allows. Our specialty is operation in and out of high altitude airports close to skiing, hiking and fishing.

Mountain flight experience programs are tailored to your needs and wishes using your plane or one of ours. Our simulator will enhance the experience to demonstrate high density altitude operations, terrain avoidance using ODP’s and planning.

IA’s Mountain Training Options

Our mountain training course includes a ground discussion of topics specific to mountain flying safety and survival techniques. Then we go out and fly!

Typical Scenarios

  • Obstacle departure procedures in the mountains
  • Challenging mountain instrument approaches
  • Equipment failures & emergencies
  • Mountain range crossings
  • Circle to land approaches

The typical flight plan can include stops in Buena Vista (KAEJ), Leadville (KLXV, the highest airport in the continental US), Aspen (KASE), Steamboat Springs (KSTS), and Eagle (KEGE, Vail).

The fun can be accomplished in one of our fleet aircraft or your own aircraft that meets some minimum mountain requirements. The training may also qualify for a flight review, instrument proficiency check, or part of a Cirrus Transition Training.

Feel free to call the Independence Aviation office for information on all we offer at our Colorado flight school locations.

Chuck Gensler Named 2017 Flight Instructor of the Year

Chuck Gensler Named 2017 Flight Instructor of the year

Photo of Chuck GenslerEnglewood, Colorado, February 16, 2017 – Veteran Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Chuck Gensler has been named 2017 National CFI of the Year, one of the highest honors bestowed in private aviation, by the FAA’s General Aviation Award Committee. Based out of Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado, Chuck is a co-founder of Independence Aviation (IA), which Cirrus Aircraft recently honored as Cirrus Training Center of the Year for 2016.

In 2004, Chuck became a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP), one of the first in Colorado, but his dedication to flight instruction began long before with a 25-year career in the United States Air Force Air Training Command (ATC). Unlike most Air Force pilots who relish travelling the world, Chuck was content early on to dedicate himself to the ATC where he could indulge his passion for teaching.

Today Chuck shares his love of flight with students in all Cirrus model types including the SR20, SR22 & SR22T with enhanced navigation systems such as Garmin® Perspective and Avidyne®.

“Chuck is always looking for ways to help pilots improve their skills and knowledge,” said IA President Robert Stedman, who has known Chuck since 2004. “He’s an active leader and participant in our pilot proficiency programs. I’ve never known anyone to have greater dedication, professionalism and passion to do everything possible to advance flight safety.”

Stedman said that when he was launching his aviation business in 2006, Chuck was the only person he considered to work alongside as co-founder. “Chuck helped us grow from a small company with two instructors and one aircraft, to a robust company with 15 instructors, 16 aircraft and simulators, and a variety of focused programs designed to improve the aviation experience.”

Chuck serves today as IA’s Chief Flight Instructor Emeritus, dedicating his time to helping students become better pilots and working with other CFIs to help them become better teachers. He’s also an avid volunteer, supporting activities such as Challenge Air, a non-profit dedicated to changing the perception of special-needs children through the gift of flight. He also volunteers with the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association Pilot Proficiency Program and the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture.

The National CFI of the Year award is presented annually at AirVenture, the “World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration,” based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “When I found out that I was nominated, I figured someone else with better credentials would win. I was not expecting this!” said Chuck in his typically modest style. Stedman said that with more than 9400 hours and counting, Gensler has long been a standout among his peers and is extremely deserving of the honor.

About Independence Aviation

Independence Aviation (IA) provides aircraft rentals, aviation instruction and pilot mentoring programs, plus aircraft and hangar management. Founded in 2007 by two veteran Certified Flight Instructors, the firm is guided by a philosophy that relationship-based flight instruction produces superior private pilots. Key elements of IA’s approach are to teach students in airplanes they’d be willing to fly cross-country, and mentor them as they evolve to aircraft that fly faster and higher. All IA planes are used for instruction and rentals to qualified pilots. The entire fleet is equipped with modern avionics and current databases, and each aircraft is impeccably maintained in both mechanical operations and appearance.

Cold Temp Airports Added in CO

If you’re planning to fly to Cortez (KCEZ) or Spanish Peak Airfield (4V1) this winter, be sure to carefully look over the approaches.  Both airports were recently added to the list of “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports.”  There are many other airports in other states that were added or removed from the list.

The Information for Operators InFO 16023 issued on December 19, 2016 updates these procedures, included airports and changes to the approach plates.

Aerial Photo of Cortez Municipal Airport
Cortez Municipal Airport
Aerial Photo of Spanish Peaks Airport
Spanish Peaks Airport

Approach Plate showing temperature annotation

Helpful information from Independence Aviation.

First Flight in VisionJet SF50

One of the “perks” of being awarded the Cirrus Training Center of the Year award was some left-seat action in the newly-certificated Cirrus VisionJet SF50.  These photos capture the experience of Bob Stedman, Co-founder and President, Chuck Gensler, Co-founder and Chief Flight Instructor Emeritus, and Rhett Kamm, General Manager.


Photo of Cirrus VisionJet SF50 flown by IA executives
Photo of Bob Stedman, Chuck Gensler and Rhett Kamm and the Cirrus VisionJet SF50