Quite the T-Storms!

Photo of Cumulus Mammatus clouds over Colorado SpringsThis photo is courtesy of Chandler Knop.  It is the storm that hung over Colorado Springs on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.  What a fantastic view of Cumulonimbus and Cumulus Mammatus clouds!  They say one thing to the pilot — stay away!

Centennial Airport was hit particularly hard as well.  Airplanes and automobiles exposed to the elements were damaged, some quite extensively.  At IA we came away relatively unscathed, with only one Cirrus having minor damage.  This is testimony to the fact that all of our aircraft are kept in hangars or covered tie-down locations, and to the outstanding performance of our ground support crew!

Learn more about summer weather hazards at the next weather seminar hosted by IA.  Mike Cetinich will work his magic on Saturday, June 16 from 0900 to around 1200 discussing the hazards of Summer weather.  No doubt he’ll have a little to say about thunderstorms!  The seminar will be at the IA Offices, 12780 E Control Tower Road.


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